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Martjan Snoek works together with his wife and son at their dairy and laying poultry farm. They call their eggs Stolweitjes: eggs from Stolwijk. Why should you boil or fry a Stolweitje? They are super fresh because the eggs do not have to travel a long way before they end up on your plate. And freshness means flavor, according to Martjan!

The Snoek family's chickens are happy on the farm. Weeds are deliberately not mowed so that the chickens can live in a natural environment. Martjan says, "Our chickens use the willow bushes, for example, as umbrellas against the rain or as protection from the sun. This way, they also feel safe outside."

Want to see what it's like in Stolwijk? Martjan regularly organizes an open day!

The Snoek family's business in Stolwijk is a true family business. The company has been passed down from father to son for several generations. At Snoekvliet farm, dairy cows and laying hens roam freely outdoors, enjoying the beautiful polder landscape of the Krimpenerwaard.

Direct in contact with boerderij Snoekvliet?

Schoonouwenseweg 46A
2821 NZ Stolwijk
06-145 87 513

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