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Grandpa van den Brink started out as a farmhand and was then allowed to take over the farm in 1923 from the spinster aunts.

In 1901, the farm on Ruige Weide was rebuilt by the Streng Family.

"It all started with 15 cows"

The farm has now been run by the van den Brink family for more than 100 years. Nowadays, part of the milk production is processed into yogurt, strained yogurt, custard, buttermilk, chocolate milk, and pasteurized milk. And what a brand!

When Arjan milks the cows, the fresh milk is directly collected in the pasteurizer, and Marielle processes it into a final product. So, milk from the cow in the morning is on the shelf by the afternoon/evening. Isn't that wonderful!? The milk is always pasteurized before it goes into the packaging as a final product.

Cor van den Brink, born in 1936, continued the farm and started making cheese with his wife Agatha van den Brink-de Roos.

In 2016, the family thought about doing more with the farm than just supplying milk to the cooperative.

Several scenarios as a second branch have been considered, and making yogurt was the chosen path.

First, they started with a small pasteurizer for yogurt preparation to try it out. And it worked!

In the competition for the tastiest dairy in the Netherlands, Rofmeddow won the Cum Laude award in 2017 in the strained yogurt category! In the yogurt category, they achieved a respectable fourth place. This was a pleasant surprise for the family and brought energy to continue. The small pasteurizer was replaced with a 300-liter version.

Rofmeddow dairy products are always made from the freshest milk.

The products can be ordered at in combination with our other assortment.

If you prefer to buy directly from these top producers, below are the contact details.

Rofmeddow's own yogurt bar

The bar is stocked with 4 types of dairy products such as yogurt, strained yogurt, custard, and vanilla yogurt or another flavor of choice. They complement these with a variety of toppings including granola and cookie crumbs, fresh fruit, and whipped cream. They deliver the bar complete with bowls and spoons.

Unique is Rofmeddow's own yogurt bar. It is available for rent for parties and events (starting from 40 people).

Direct in contact with Rofmeddow?

Ruige Weide 37
3421TH Oudewater

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