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Markus en Markus


Markus en Markus

At Markus & Markus, we make the tastiest stroopwafel in the Netherlands. That’s not just us saying it, but everyone who has tasted it. Our stroopwafels are made with only natural ingredients. Quality and taste are therefore top priorities at our family business and are the benchmarks for all our choices.

We bake an old-fashioned delicious, lovingly prepared fresh stroopwafel for the taste-conscious consumer.

This is not only the ambition of our bakers, but also of the packers who check the stroopwafels and carefully package them in bags. And of the technicians who check the machines. Not to mention the cleaners who clean the characteristic grids of the stroopwafel irons every week. In short, the qualification 'artisanal' truly applies to us.

In the current food industry, dominated by mass products with bland, general tastes, there is a rising need for honest quality products with a distinct flavor. Marketing departments know this too: packages often boast adjectives like ‘natural’, ‘real’, ‘pure’, ‘traditional’, and ‘artisanal’. We use these terms as well, but unlike many of these products, with us, the content matches what is described on the packaging.

Direct in contact with Markus & Markus?

Staringlaan 17c
2741 GC Waddinxveen
TEL +31 (0)182 61 88 24

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