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Jam van An


Jam van An

I'm Anneke, and I live with my family and various animals along the dike in Schuwacht, Lekkerkerk.

We have an orchard, and that's where my jam adventure began.

I simply had to do something with all the leftover fruit! So, it became jam and syrup. (And sometimes a liqueur, but I keep that for myself.)

Fortunately, I've always enjoyed making jam, etc., and especially experimenting with unique flavors.

My hobby has now grown into a small business... Jam van An!

As I mentioned, I like to make unique flavors, and I also really enjoy using various alcoholic drinks in my jams.

For example, I make Strawberry Champagne, Apple Limoncello, Orange Marmalade with whiskey, and various Cocktail Jams. I generally keep the latter for the markets where I stand, otherwise, it’s not so special anymore...

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