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Hoeve Waard & Ijssel


Hoeve Waard & Ijssel

At our place, Tino and Daphne, passion for our craft is central. Located in the picturesque Snelrewaard, we are proud of our cattle farm. With love and care, we manage a herd of 50 cattle of the Belgian Blue breed, and since last year we have also added a few Maine Anjou cows. This is a relatively rare breed in the Netherlands but is known for its unique characteristics, such as meat with a fat edge and natural calving. We believe this addition makes our range even more diverse and are convinced it will appeal to our customers.

Why Belgian Blue? The meat is not only lean but also extremely flavorful due to the high muscle tissue content and low fat content. Moreover, the cholesterol level of our beef is lower than that of other types. The Maine Anjou cows also contribute to our pursuit of quality and diversity.

Our cows are efficiently fed and require relatively little feed to produce high-quality meat. They enjoy a harmonious life in our natural setting. Most of the year, they spend in the pasture, only staying in the barn for specific reasons. Our belief? A happy cow is a cow in the meadow!

Calves are born and raised on the farm. Bull calves find a new home with a local grower after a few weeks, while our female calves stay with their mother. In the spring and summer, our calves frolic happily through the meadow.

It is a conscious choice to keep our calves with the mother. Calves stay with the mother for a long time because we believe it is good. For both the welfare of the cow and calf, as well as for the growth of the calf. This allows us to offer a unique piece of veal.

We strive for as natural a product as possible, with minimal use of antibiotics and medications. Growth hormones? We don't use them. Our feeding policy is simple: grass is preferred and concentrates are used sparingly. In cooperation with the local Tuithof slaughterhouse in Kamerik, our cows are slaughtered in an ethical and respectful manner. After the process, the meat is vacuum packed and frozen in packages of 250 and 500 grams. With us, you are assured of traceability, transparency, and an optimal taste experience.

Besides our passion for our craft, we are a young family that tries to run our business close to nature with love. In addition to meat sales, we breed cattle and manage meadow birds, and above all, we enjoy everything the farm has to offer.

With an endless passion for our craft and a deep connection with nature, we bring you the best of the best directly from our farm to your plate. Let yourself be enchanted by the unique taste and quality of our lean, efficient beef

Direct in contact with Hoeve Waard en Ijssel?

Waardsedijk 70
3425TH Snelrewaard
06 3069 8905

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