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Het Wildhuys


Het Wildhuys

The small game from Het Wildhuys comes from the South Holland polders of the Krimpenerwaard and those of the Island of IJsselmonde.

No imports, no farmed game, but wild from the free Dutch nature. Partly from our own hunt and always artisanally prepared.

We are happy to supply to private individuals and hospitality professionals with taste. That means you.

The emphasis of the offering is on products with wild goose. Discover wild products and enjoy a supreme regional product all year round.

At Het Wildhuys, everything revolves around sustainability and craftsmanship. Their range particularly excels in products with wild goose, allowing you to enjoy this unique regional product throughout the year.

Wild, Straight from the Hunter: Meet Bram and Simone from Het Wildhuys!

Imagine: tasty wild game, directly from the South Holland polders of the Krimpenerwaard and the Island of IJsselmonde, and exclusive Veluwe large game. That's exactly what Bram and Simone from Het Wildhuys offer. No imports, no farmed game, but wild from the free Dutch nature. And they are eager to share their passion with you, whether you are a game enthusiast or a hospitality professional with taste!

What makes Het Wildhuys extra special is their involvement with Green Heart Regional Products. Through this, they contribute to sustainable rural development and keeping the local economy alive. Moreover, you can count on their products to be fair with a low ecological footprint.

Besides the products in our webshop, you can find Simone and Bram weekly at the R’damse Oogstmarkt and at regional street fairs and farmers markets. There, they love to tell you the story behind their products, let you taste the delicacies, and offer wild dishes to enjoy on the spot. Cooking with game is for everyone! And with their accessible products, you can whip up a delicious meal in no time.

Bram and Simone place great value on sustainable hunting and are proud of their contribution to maintaining a healthy wildlife population. By being mindful of nature and enjoying all the beauty that our Dutch nature has to offer, they hope to inspire you to embrace game as a tasteful and responsible choice. So, are you ready to embark on the adventure? Step into Het Wildhuys and discover the pure flavors of our Dutch nature! 🌿🦌

Direct in contact with Het Wildhuys?

Achterbroek 25
2825NC Berkenwoude

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