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100% Local products

Experience Farm Fresh Goodness with BETERBOEREN

From Our Fields to Your Table - Pure, Fresh, and Local

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About Our Company & Our Mission

Connecting Local Farmers & Consumers

Beter Boeren has been dedicated to bridging the gap between consumers and local farmers for over 5 years. Our mission is rooted in our commitment to bringing you the freshest, highest-quality products directly from the field to your table.

At Beter Boeren, we believe in:

  • Connecting: Building a direct link between consumers and local farmers.

  • Freshness: Ensuring products are delivered fresh from the farm.

  • Sustainability: Promoting eco-friendly practices for a greener world.

  • Local Economy: Stimulating local activity and supporting our community.

  • Transparency: Upholding fair and transparent production processes.

  • Quality: Offering carefully selected, top-quality products.

  • Respect: Valuing nature, animals, and people.

  • Together for a Better Future: Striving for better food, better living, and better farming.


100% Local products

Our products are 100% organic, ensuring that you receive only the purest and healthiest options available.

Fresh Products

We deliver farm-fresh vegetables, dairy, and meat products straight to your door, preserving the taste and nutrition of every item.

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Secured Payment

Our products are 100% organic, ensuring that you receive only the purest and healthiest options available.

Neat & Clean

Our commitment to hygiene ensures that all products are handled and delivered with the utmost care, guaranteeing cleanliness and safety.

Why Choose Us

Fresh, Local, Delicious!

Biodynamic Food

Experience the benefits of biodynamic farming with our selection of food that promotes ecological balance and soil health.

Weekly Fresh

Enjoy the best of local farms with our weekly fresh offerings, harvested and delivered to maintain their peak quality and flavor.

How We Work

3 Steps to Get Fresh, Local Farmer's Products

  Delivery Area: Currently, We're Delivering in 25 Km around Gouda  


"That's sweet, thank you! Wow, I've never eaten such delicious cheese. It melts in your mouth. Delicious."

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